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Forest Coffee: Lime, Tolima, Colombia

Forest Coffee: Lime, Tolima, Colombia

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Roast: Light-Medium

Origin: Tolima, Colombia  

Flavor Notes: Bakers chocolate, Intense Lima, Lemongrass & Panela

Variety: Red & Yellow Caturra

Process: Fruit Natural ( Anaerobic with limes for 5 days)

Farm: Collaboration of El Vergel with project in Huila

Altitude: 1450 msml

Producer: Elias & Shady Bayter
Day of process: 25 + 30 of stabilization

Lime dehydrated and grounded is added to the tanks with depulped coffee to ferment for 5 days, and afterwards is taken to dry with 1 stall during this phase for a total of drying of 25 days, and finished with 30 days of stabilization in grain pro bags before milling


100% of the proceeds will go to help support One Love Coffee in Ukraine.

One Love Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster in Kyiv, Ukraine are in desperate need. Fearlessly, they are struggling to continue to serve their community, support their staff and families, and keep their doors open during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Our friends at Forest Coffee felt the calling to help and donated phenomenal green coffee to help the cause.


**Orders will ship out after September 14th, 2023**

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